Chemistry Journal of Moldova



Mihail Revenco, Mariana Martin, Waell Abu Dayyih

Field: Analytical chemistry
Type: Research paper
Issue: 2010 Volume 5, no.1
Pages: 73-77

thiocyanate, potentiometric sensor, titration.

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Graphical Abstract: 
A potentiometric selective sensor based on trinuclear chromium(III) complex as a novel ionophore for the thiocyanateselective electrode is reported. The sensor displays a near Nernstian slope of 57 ± 2 mV per decade, over a wide pH range 3 - 11. The working concentration range of the electrode is 1.10-5 – 1.10-1 mol/l with a detection limit of 5.10-6 mol/l. The sensor has a response time of 20 s and can be used for at least 6 months without any considerable fluctuation of the potential. The selectivity coefficients determined at using the fixed interference method indicate a good discriminating ability towards other anions. The prepared sensor was applied as an indicator electrode in the titration of thiocyanate with Ag+.

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