Chemistry Journal of Moldova

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Raisa Sircu, Gheorghii Turcanu, Nicolae Opopol, Iurie Pinzaru, Tatiana Manceva, Raisa Scurtu

Field: Ecological chemistry
Type: Research paper
pesticide residue, fruit, vegetable, estimated daily intake, risk assessment.
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Graphical Abstract: A total of 5206 samples from twenty one different vegetables and fruits were collected. Residues of pesticides in concentrations exceeding the maximum residue levels were found in 22.9% of analysed samples. Thirteen insecticides, four fungicides, two acaricides and one herbicide were detected in the analysed samples. The highest value of hazard index was calculated for diazinon – 0.15. The obtained results show that the long-term consumption of vegetables and fruits could pose a health risk for the population of the Republic of Moldova.


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Oksana Stavinskaya, Iryna Laguta, Tetiana Fesenko, Marina Krumova

Field: Ecological chemistry
Type: Short communication
nanoparticle, silver, Vitex agnus-castus extract, green synthesis.
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Graphical Abstract: Silver nanoparticles colloids were prepared using the extract from the leaves of Vitex agnus-castus. The effect of temperature on the reduction of silver ions and on the growth of silver nanoparticles was followed by measuring the intensity of the surface plasmon resonance band in the UV spectra. It was found that fast reduction of silver ions occurs even at 40°C, while effective synthesis of silver nanoparticles requires elevated temperatures of 60-80°C.


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Maryam Shokoohian, Nourallah Hazeri, MalekTaher Maghsoodlou, Mojtaba Lashkari

Field: Organic chemistry
Type: Research paper
one-pot reaction, multi-component reaction, pyridine-2(1H)-one derivatives, ultrasonication, 4-(dimethylamino)pyridine.
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Graphical Abstract: 4-(Dimethylamino)pyridine was found to be the homogenous and efficient catalyst for one-pot, multi-component reactions between hydrazine monohydrate, ethyl cyanoacetate, ketone, and malononitrile for the synthesis of 1,6-diamino-2-oxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyridine-3,5-dicarbonitrile derivatives using ultrasonication at room temperature in ethanol solution within 35-50 min with yields of over 90%. This procedure offers various remarkable features such as short reaction times, clean reaction condition, excellent yields, and easy work-up methods.

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Serghei Curlat

Field: Organic chemistry
Type: Review
(+)-3-carene, epoxidation, sulphide, aminoalcohol, azidoalcohol, aziridine.
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Graphical Abstract: This review presents last decade and some past especially relevant studies in the field of (+)-3-carene synthetic transformations. This paper discusses exclusively the transformations of (+)-3-carene, proceeding with the retention of the native bicyclic carbon skeleton. The data concerning the features of epoxidation and oxidation reactions of (+)-3-carene, the synthesis of sulphur- and selenium-containing derivatives and their use in asymmetric synthesis are given. It also describes methods for producing amino derivatives of (+)-3-carene, substituted heterocycles based on it, reactions for the preparation of aziridines, azido-alcohols and azidoamines, as well as chiral phosphites as bidentate ligands.


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Livia Uncu, Elena Donici, Vladimir Valica, Oxana Vîslouh, Veaceslav Gonciar, Sergiu Parii

Field: Analytical chemistry
Type: Research paper
ciprofloxacin hydrochloride, UV-Vis spectrophotometric method, ear drop, validation, Ocimum basilicum.
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Graphical Abstract: A simple, precise and accurate UV-Vis spectrophotometric method has been developed and validated for the estimation of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride from combination ear drops with basil oil (Ocimum basilicum). The results of the validation of the method demonstrate that the developed method is simple, rapid, accurate and robust over the concentration range 2-10 μg/mL. The developed and validated UV-Vis spectrophotometric method ciprofloxacin hydrochloride could be included in the Analytical Quality Control documents of the combined ear drops containing ciprofloxacin hydrochloride within the concentration range of 2-10 μg/mL and volatile basil oil.


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Svetlana Blaja

Field: Natural product chemistry and synthesis
Type: Research paper
synthesis, di-norlabdane, tri-norlabdane, 2-amino-1,3-thiazole, cyclization reaction.
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Graphical Abstract: The present study describes the synthesis of new five hybrid compounds, containing both di- or trinorlabdane and 2-amino-1,3-thiazole structural units with potential biological activity, based on natural labdane diterpenoide (-)-sclareol and its intermediate sclareolide. The structures of novel compounds were confirmed using IR, 1H, and 13C NMR analyses.


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Margherita Gavagnin, Marianna Carbone, Maria Letizia Ciavatta, Ernesto Mollo

Field: Natural product chemistry and synthesis
Type: Invited paper
marine mollusk, natural product, chemical ecology, bioprospecting.
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Graphical Abstract: Heterobranchs are a fascinating group of marine mollusks that are recognized as an important source of bioactive natural products. Often, these molecules, which are either selected from the diet or de novo biosynthesized by the mollusks, play a fundamental role for their survival being utilized as defensive chemicals against predators. A summary of the studies carried out by our group, in the last decade, on heterobranchs is presented here. A number of new compounds exhibiting different molecular architectures have been chemically characterized. Some of them have also shown an interesting pharmacological potential. Some ecological studies that we conducted on selected species of heterobranchs are also reviewed. 


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